Author: Peter Clark

Multi-Touch: a definition of touch screen technology

Multi-Touch: a definition of touch screen technology

Multi-touch technology allows a touch screen or touch panel to detect the input of two or more points of contact at the same time. This allows you to use multiple finger gestures to do things like pinch the screen or touchpad to zoom in business solutions system, spread your fingers to zoom out, and rotate your fingers for rotating an image you use to be editing.

Multi-touch implementation

Popular applications of multi-touch technology are in:

  • Smartphones and mobile tablets
  • Track pads for use with laptops and desktops
  • Touch tables, touch walls and whiteboards

From touch displays to the Surface: A brief history of touchscreen technology | Ars Technica

How does it work?

A multi-touch screen use to have a layer of capacitors, every single synchronises that use to define its position When you happens to touch a capacitor with the help of your finger, it sends a signal to the processor. Under the hood, the device determines the location, size and any pattern of touches on the screen. Post that, a sign recognition program use to use the data for matching the gesture with the anticipated result. If there is zero match, nothing will happen.

From here, begins a future that is already here.

  • Touch screens will run factories

Strategic initiatives such as Industry 4.0 require new automation systems, so the use of sophisticated touch technologies is gaining strength. In this case, it is referred to autonomous systems such as the HMI, which gives Industry 4.0 the ability to share data. Also, to help, in real time Touch screens Industry 4.0 CMG Consultores (and expanding the computing capacity) in the monitoring processes of the factory.

Touchscreen Technology – Techniche

The importance of these technologies, in the coming years, will be such that research and market analysts foresee (until 2018) an average annual increase of this industry of 9.98%.

  • Multi-touch technologies, stars of the production lines

Today, two are the most commonly used types of HMI technology in the Industry. On the one hand, non-pressure sensitive capacitive pads. On the other hand, resistive touch pads very useful for working, for example, in warehouses, where the use of thick work gloves is required. All this will mean the evolution of gesture control systems and the increase in connectivity, a consequence (all of this) of the extension of the Internet of Things. From here, new multi-touch technologies they will be, every day, more common use within the production lines… especially in work environments where there is humidity, dust and variable temperatures.

  • Multi-touch screens with eight touch points

The commercial use of tablets and Smartphones has also been extended, in recent years, to industrial uses. This has led to a growing demand for multi-touch screens, which provide the operational precision necessary for greater control of production lines. In this Industry 4.0 CMG Consultants multi-touch screen case, new control panels, with up to eight points of contact, allow the operator to perform several tasks at the same time. In other words, that writing with both hands with work gloves is, today, an easier operation to perform and with learning less. This is possible because the employees are already familiar with the use of the interface.


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Tips for managing a sales team in business

If there is one recruitment that is very complex, it is that of salespeople. This is the starting point of the adventure and this is where your role as manager begins. Whether it is to hire a team or new recruits, the process takes time and attention. Especially since it is expensive: know that the cost of recruitment (from selection to training) is around 10 to 25% of the annual salary.

Before publishing your job offer, it is crucial to define the profile you are looking for: determine your priorities .

First, it is imperative to distinguish the type of salesperson you need: a hunter to sign new business or a breeder to retain your customer portfolio.

Depending on your sector of activity, you will also need to know what business knowledge and specific tools your salesperson will need to own.

In order to answer the questions, do not hesitate to surround yourself with collaborators in order to think of all the possible aspects.

The essentials should be summarized in the job description that you can publish on job search sites, the career page of your website and your social networks.

Once your first selection of candidates has been made, you will need to carry out a successful study of the different profiles. For this, base yourself on the study of CAMs : C ompetences – A ptitudes – M otivations.

Skills : Beyond the initial training, do not hesitate to ask for references , which you can contact following the interview. Simple action to perform, this allows you to validate your choice based on the candidate’s previous experiences.

Aptitudes : use the tools at your disposal such as personality tests : effective, which help target the profile of your interlocutor. Several are at your disposal such as the IPV (Sellers Personality Inventory) or the TAC (Commercial Aptitude Test), or even the OMG .

Motivations : what makes your salesperson a seller: the desire to sell. If your candidate seems to have this desire to conquer and win, he will know how to show it from his interview. Do not hesitate to rely on psychological tests

Motivate by working on objectives

In the business profession, Goals and Motivation are closely linked. As salespeople face multiple difficulties in their winning strategy, their objectives must be used as motivation levers.

As a manager, it is your role to know how to set objectives that will allow you to play on the three main sources of commercial satisfaction: remuneration, work organization and fulfillment. While the first two depend in part on the company where you work, the third depends entirely on your attitude. As a manager, you can have a real impact by putting yourself in a supportive position – like a sports coach – with your sales team.

Accompany: the “three-beat waltz”

The salesperson is by nature a self-employed person who works a large part of his time alone. The manager’s role is to lead the team and the individual by establishing regular and constructive moments of sharing.

From experience, three types of meetings between the manager and the team are to be favored, which I like to call “the three-beat waltz”.

  • A monthly meeting will take stock of the business portfolio and review clients and rework business actions according to business strategy.
  • A weekly update – the operational committee – preferably on Monday morning, is an opportunity both to review the successes and difficulties and also to express the very short-term operational needs to move current business forward.
  • On a daily basis, it will also be up to you to provide support to your salespeople. For example by doing hot debriefs after meetings, you will be able to provide additional information for the success of the sale, but also to reassure and encourage your employees.

It’s up to you to find the pace that best suits your team depending on your activity. without forgetting to respect the objectives of each moment.…


Business productivity: tips to improve it in your business

To have good sales productivity within your teams , it is important to know what the priorities are. What are the tasks that can wait and those that are really urgent? This technique allows your teams not to lose any opportunity. However, these priorities must be set in relation to the objectives set.

Furthermore, to optimize your management and management teams , avoid maximum procrastination. Tasks on the TO-DO list should be completed as soon as possible. Don’t minimize the impact of small, everyday actions.

Finally, cohesion within your teams is essential for the success of your business . But, you have to know how to say no to have good commercial productivity . Sales agents need to focus on their tasks. Mutual assistance is essential, but the right balance must be found.

Look at the potential of customers

To increase the efficiency of your sales teams , prospect analysis is necessary. The CRM tools are a great help. They allow you to accumulate all the information necessary to have a personalized approach.

With this technique, consumers who are very interested in your offer and those who are not in a hurry will stand out .

The important thing to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes

Don’t just think about the profits of the business . To gain in productivity and meet the needs of your target , it is essential to establish a win-win relationship .

Put yourself in the shoes of prospects . During a sales speech , anticipating questions from prospects helps to gain their trust and show the expertise of your business .

Analyze the data

To develop team productivity while ensuring business success ,analyze the data you have in your possession. This strategy motivates the questioning and discovery of new approaches.

Have the right tools

Just like the CRM tool which optimizes approaches, sales teams must be equipped with the best tools to save time. All actions that can be automated should be avoided.

However, in order to equip your employees with essential tools, you must know the objectives to be achieved. For example, if you are going to an unfamiliar place, to avoid wasting time walking around the block, you will use a GPS. In your premises, it works the same way.

Knowing how to take breaks

When we talk about business productivity , we think of hard work, not counting hours. But, it is important to impose breaks on your teams . It’s part of management and management . You have to take the time to sit down and think to find different angles of attack.